If still, you’re not a Zoho commerce customer

We can understand why you’re here. You need expert advice to choose the best shopping cart for your sale, Right? Get in touch with our Business Manager at +91 9366605550 to get solved.

We are Zoho partners and help you build an online store with our best design team. We provide the complete domain name to payment gateway setup and configuration support. Also, you can hire our expert services like UI/UX design, Digital Marketing to improve your online sales. Subscribe to our maintenance package so that we will take care of all technical support for your online store. Thus, you now only focus on product manufacturing and improving branding.

Zoho Template Design:

zoho template design

Our experienced designers help you to customize the exiting Zoho template and also you can create your own template design with our support.

To know more about charges contact us.

Data Entry Process:

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Our data entry team helps you to create, update and manage your all products in the online store.Each product needs Name,Image(s),description,categories,inventory and other fields.

Just Rs.50/- each product.

Digital Marketing:

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Reach your sales goal easily with Digital Marketing service (Best Market Price) – Request For Proposal.

Mobile App iOS & Android:

mobile app ios and android features

Build mobile App IOS & Android for your customer to buy more.

Run campaign and referral program to gain more customers.

Useful Zoho Applications with Zoho Commerce:

1.Zoho Mail

2.Zoho Books

3.Zoho POS


Which payment gateway is best for my store to receive payments online?

Mugil consulting recommends Razorpay as the best option to process online payments. You can choose other payment gateways like Paytm, PayPal, etc., For more details, call Mr.Richard @ 93 6660 5550

Why I should choose Zoho Commerce instead of Woocommerce?

Zoho commerce is hosted SaaS application with an almost 99.99% uptime guarantee. So your website will be live for 365 days for your customers’ order placing and accessing the website from anywhere. You don’t need to worry about backend updates, compatibility, and security-related issues.On the other hand, WooCommerce is the best choice if you can find the best hosting, designer, and developer team which will obviously cost you more than Zoho commerce pricing. If custom features are very important to sell your products means, honestly WooCommerce is best option in the standalone shopping cart market.

How much Zoho partner implementation cost will be?

To set up and configure your store cost may vary from Rs.5,000/- to Rs.30,000/- based on the working time we need to implement your requirements

Do you provide training to my staff for product data updates?

Yes, we train your staff members on how to create, edit, delete and manage products in the Zoho commerce platform.

Custom Zoho Templates:


Computer & Hardwares


Car Accessories