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Zoho CRM system can be used as a powerful marketing tool. This helps managers to better define customers and conduct different sales and marketing activities for these groups.
Our expert team provides support to connect your WooCommerce store to Zoho CRM. It helps you to maintain customer relationships by establishing a seamless flow of your business contact information and orders from the WooCommerce store.

Account & Pricing:

The fee for using Zoho CRM starts at $12/month. Before the implementation process starts you must Create a Zoho Account.


Uses Zoho CRM API v2
Sync WooCommerce Orders as Sales Orders in Zoho CRM complete with Products and Customer data.
Connect Zoho with OAuth 2.0 authentication. Also, you can connect multiple Zoho accounts.
We help you to fields mapping the WooCommerce Order fields to Zoho Object(Contact, Account, Lead, Deal, custom module, etc) fields.
You can send WooCommerce Order to Zoho on Order Completion.
Error Reporting email will be sent to the specified email address.
Export Logs as CSV.
Full Synchronization will help you to update/delete/restore an order that order will be updated/deleted/restored in Zoho(CRM, Books, Inventory, Invoice).

Demo (Coming soon...)